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Enterprise Intelligence


AMI stands for Automatic Meaning Interpreter, the software that accesses and creates enterprise value from online information wherever it resides and in whatever form.

Why AMI is unique

From a single point of access AMI Enterprise Intelligence enables the user to Search, Collect, Analyze, Visualize, Publish, Share and Personalize information automatically from all types of source presenting what is relevant in near real-time via dashboards to decision makers and their Insight teams. We provide the most comprehensive technological support for each step of the intelligence cycle.

World's best Monitor and Collect Technology

We have the world's best internet source monitor and collect technology with all the associated applications for capitalizing on collected information.

Who uses AMI and Why?

AMI is used by organizations of all sizes for developing strategic intelligence, competitive intelligence, horizon scanning, and collaboration enabling them to gain far reaching insight into the markets and sectors in which they operate, identify early warning signals in advance, build intelligence driven knowledgebase and share good information effectively.

The competitive intelligence software

AMI Enterprise Intelligence is specifically designed to capitalize on the value of information held within large volumes of unstructured data. It automates, from a single point of access, the process of content capture, distribution and analysis dramatically increasing the speed at which unstructured data is turned into information that can be readily acted upon with the means also to effectively manage and share that knowledge across the Organization.

AMI Enterprise Intelligence is a modular solution built on our proven core Meaning InterpreterTM technology and comprised of five applications, AMI Search, AMI Collect, AMI Publish, AMI Share and AMI Analyze that together deliver all of the essential processes necessary for deploying true Enterprise Intelligence solutions.

Monitor, Collect, Alert, Search, Validate, Share and Analyze are all functions offered as standard by AMI Enterprise Intelligence.

AMI Enterprise Intelligence provides the necessary tools for the effective sharing and personalization of information, delivering the most accurate, up to date and relevant levels of information to decision makers.

With our partners, AMI Enterprise Intelligence also provides the means by which to capture and manage images, video and audio streams as part of any given knowledge acquisition process.

Developed on original and patented technology, AMI Enterprise Intelligence is recognized by the Information Professional community as a leader in its field.


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