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AMI Software
AMI is the registred trading name worldwide of GoAlbert SA. The company was created in 1999 by a group of industrialists from the world of Aviation and Electronics. These origins led the company to adopt stringent processes in the development of their software applications which, over the years have given their products an unparalleled level of reliability.

At inception, the main drive was to develop information retrieval technologies that went beyond the limitatins of standard keyword search engines. It led to the development of a patented technology called Automatic Meaning Interpreter or AMI. Original in development and covered by several U.S. patents, AMI offers superior levels of performance without the high integration and maintenance costs normally associated with semantic or linguistic engines.

The first customers to use AMI were Search Engines themselves and Information Portals such as Free and Fast/alltheWeb, which today is part of the Yahoo group. This has been a key factor in the company's success to date because, from the outset, it led the company to design algorithms specifically to handle very large volumes of unstructured material with very fast response times.

Today, AMI Enteprise Intelligence software is used for:

- Strategic and Competitive Intelligence
- Brand/Reputation Management
- Social Media Monitoring
- Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management

AMI Enteprise Intelligence software is sold through a network of dedicated partners throughout the world.

Please visit for more information about AMI Software and its Enteprise Intelligence software solution.