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Global Security Network (GSN) is a UAE based, French-owned Company, with experience in delivering high-end IT Security projects in Middle East since 1999.

We focus on delivering specialized IT Security solutions such as FoxIt DataDiode and Sentryo ICS monitoring solution to customers like Government High Security, Military, Law Enforcement and Critical National Infrastructure as well as Oil and Gas Companies.

GSN has acquired extensive in designing, integrating and implementing turn-key cyber security solutions in very challenging environments with critical requirements in term of availability and security. As such GSN has achieved the status of being a “trusted” security vendor for these organizations.

GSN has also a boutique practice in Cyber Security services. We offer Cyber Security Risk Management services such as Audit, Gap Analysis, Awareness Program, Pen Test, Framework and policies development. We are the first company in Middle East to have implemented a Cyber Security Risk Management Framework compliant with ISO/IEC 27001, ISA/IEC 62443 (ex ISA99) and UAE NESA.

GSN - Fox-IT

GSN is the Value-Added Distributor of Fox-IT, Netherlands for Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries in the Middle East. GSN is responsible for the distribution of the Fox Data Diode solution for Governments and Industrial organizations as well as the Fox Tracks Inspector Digital Forensics solution through a network of channel partners in the region.


When you request our solutions you also grant us access to some of your sensitive information and in this regard you can expect nothing less than total discretion from us !

This confidentiality factor applies to the information that you provide us, the purchase order that you give us and the solutions that we implement for your organization. GSN employees have received extensive background checks prior to employment and our employment contracts include very strict confidentiality clauses that our employees have to adhere to. Furthermore we have a very strict termination policy on account of breach of confidentiality.

Due to the nature of many of our customers, our employees are quite used to working in extremely high-security environments and are aware of all security protocols and procedures for working in such environments. In fact, such behavior is now a part of our corporate culture wherein the "need-to-know" basis is applied for every piece of information. As a result our partners and customers also receive this vital benefit when working with us.