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Date: 15/11/2011 06:00 AM

Global Security Network, UAE signs partnership agreement with Wallix, France for value-added distribution in Middle East

Abu Dhabi, 13 November 2011 -

Global Security Network, UAE has signed a partnership agreement with Wallix, France, as its exclusive Middle East partner for value-added distribution of the Wallix Admin Bastion - Privileged access control and management solution.

Although privileged access control and management is not a new concept to the Middle East, Global Security Network and Wallix both believe that there is good growth potential for the Wallix Admin Bastion solution in this region. Since its product launch in 2008 in France, Wallix has experienced exponential growth in Western Europe, North Africa, UK and Russian markets.

Privileged access control and management solutions mitigate security risks through secure management and traceability of privileged access by the internal IT team as well by external IT service providers. Most importantly they should be extremely simple to operate and manage for IT administrators and security personnel, thus reducing the burden on IT security personnel already tasked with having to manage multiple security solutions within their organizations.

"We are proud to work with Wallix, a very dynamic and innovative French company" comments CEO of Global Security Network, Gilles Loridon. "Wallix Bastion is a privileged access control and management solution designed to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. We are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial."

"We're very excited at the prospect of working alongside the GSN team of experts to promote and deliver our solutions in the Middle East. This strategic partnership between Global Security Network and WALLIX will bring the Wallix AdminBastion (WAB) solution into the Middle East to meet the region's increased interest on managing privileged users and IT service providers" says Jean-Noël de Galzain, CEO and founder of Wallix.

About Wallix:
Founded in 2003, Wallix is one of the French leaders as well as a leading global provider of IT infrastructure security solutions. The Wallix AdminBastion is based on years of advanced research into traceability tools. This work led to the support of the French Agency for Innovation (ANVAR) and a number of French awards. Wallix is a winner of the Oseo Innovation Award, has been awarded the PM'UP program, and is a Pole Systematic Paris Region partner. The company is supported by private investors such as Access2Net, Sopromec, Hedera and Venturis Capital. Wallix distributes the WAB solution through a network of dedicated partners and provides technical support of the highest order to its partners and customers.