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Fox-IT, based in Netherlands, was founded in 1999 by Ronald Prins and Menno van der Marel. Their background of digital forensic investigation and hacking security systems at the NFI* was the foundation of the first digital investigation agency in Western Europe. Since 1999, Fox-IT has been a reliable partner for government bodies and financial institutions. With a strong focus on research and innovation, Fox-IT is a leading IT Security company today with a strong international reputation. Fox-IT security solutions are applied and trusted by government bodies and major organizations worldwide.

Fox-IT is dedicated to creating a more secure society. Fox-IT customers range from government departments, intelligence and security services, to financial institutions, hospitals and major industrial concerns. Fox-IT currently employs over 130 highly qualified staff in a cutting-edge environment. Every employee has been screened by the Dutch Intelligence Agency (AIVD) and trained in dealing with confidential information.

Crypto Division

The focus of Fox-IT's Crypto division is to ensure that secret information remains secret - creating solutions that enhance national security is a core capability. Fox-IT's mission is to make clients aware of the risks that hacking and espionage pose to society, and to develop the most innovative solutions modern technology has to offer them. Fox-IT's products are certified upto and including NATO and state secret level.

Forensics Division

Fox-IT's forensic division specializes in conducting digital investigations to pick up on the trail of cyber criminals. One of the innovative products  developed by the forensics division is the Fox Tracks Inspector, a tool that speeds up law enforcement agencies' investigations of digital evidence.

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