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Seclab is specialist in the protection of critical systems against cyber attacks.


"Our job is to protect sensitive systems such as transport, energy resources and administrations. Our unique electronic partitioning cyber-protection solution allows data exchange while physically isolating the transmitter and receiver. "

Founded in 2011 and based in Montpellier, Seclab has significant references in the Transport, Energy and Oil/Gas sectors. Seclab is well established in France and also sells its products internationally through major distribution and integration partners.

Our mission:

As our physical world is increasingly connected to the digital world, cybersecurity is a major concern for industries, PLC suppliers or operators, critical infrastructures (public services, banks, cities and governments...), etc.

This interconnection between the default connected domains (Internet or IT) and the newly connected domains (OT, critical systems and networks or SCADA systems) is a real gain in terms of functionality, services and performance.
But this interconnection exposes newly connected domains to cyber threats.

We enable our customers to exchange between these domains, while avoiding the spread of threats and malicious interactions.

Our solutions:

Noting that software security is insufficient for critical systems, our offer is based on a defence-in-depth approach implemented in electronics.
- Secure Xchange Network is a range of bidirectional network filtering gateways whose network partitioning is provided by an electronic card.
- Secure Xchange USB protects computers and PLCs from any USB attack, from electrical layers to software layers.
- Secure Passwords Access is a password management and distribution solution for operators and industry stakeholders.