Global Security Network


GSN Replicator for OSIsoft PI Systems

MICA, the GSN Replicator for OSIsoft PI Systems is the ultimate solution to Share, Consolidate or Distribute OSIsoft PI data across the Plant network boundary into the Corporate network and even farther in the Cloud. With Mica you will be able to reap all the benefits of Digitalization and Industry 4.0 without compromising the Security of your critical and safety systems. MICA will be the cornerstone of your OT/IT integration while minimizing your OPEX, giving you true real-time OSIsoft PI Systems replication and the peace of mind of a EAL 7+ certified solution.


  • Real-time replication of tags attributes and tags values.
  • Real-time replication of tags structures and attributes changes.
  • Management of replication conflicts to avoid impact on Archives.
  • Continuous Availability: 100% continuous service in HA configuration.
  • PI Server friendly to minimize PI Server resources usage.
  • From few to hundreds of thousands of events per seconds.
  • Replication One to Many, Many to Many and Many to One.


  • True Real Time Comprehensive Replication!
  • Unbreakable one-way security with Fox Data Diode, the only device certified CC EAL7+ in the world.
  • No SPOF: 100% Continuous Availability.
  • Very low OPEX: a fraction of the OPEX cost of a Firewall.
  • Peace of mind thanks to automatic recovery upstream and downstream