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The  Leader in OT & IoT Security and Visibility

Nozomi Networks Guardian™ unlocks visibility across OT, IoT, and IT for accelerated security and digital transformation.

Its physical or virtual appliances monitor network communications and device behavior, delivering instant awareness of your OT/IoT network and its activity patterns. You see the highest priority vulnerabilities as well as threats and anomalous behavior, enabling you to respond faster, ensuring high reliability and security.

Guardian reduces OT risks for the largest critical infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, building automation and other OT sites around the world.

Focusing on seeing , detecting and unifying the cyber security ecosystem, Its core features are:

• Comprehensive OT and IoT security and visibility
• Advanced threat detection
• Accurate anomaly alerts
• Proven scalability across thousands of sites
• Easy IT/OT integration
• Global partner ecosystem
• Exceptional customer engagement and support


Identify – Asset Discovery and Network Visualization

–Automatically track your OT and IoT assets

–Immediately visualize your OT networks

Assess – Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Monitoring

–Rapidly identify your vulnerability risks

–Continuously monitor your network and automation systems

Detect – Anomaly and Threat Detection

–Quickly detect and disrupt threats and anomalous behavior

–Effectively monitor mixed environments

Act – Time-Saving Dashboards and Forensic Tools

–Significantly improve OT and IoT risk management

–Greatly reduce troubleshooting and forensic efforts

Scale – Unified Security for Thousands of Distributed Sites

–Readily scale with optimal performance

–Easily integrate with SOC/IT environments

Nozomi Networks Central Management Console™ (CMC) delivers centralized OT and IoT security management – no matter how large or distributed your business is.

Its physical, cloud or virtual appliances unify visibility and management of Guardian appliances for thousands of sites and devices.

Whether you’re consolidating visibility and risk management at the edge or in the cloud, the CMC is fast and simple to deploy.

Central Managemanet Console

Consolidate – Unified OT, IoT and IT Security

–Centrally monitor your distributed sites

–Easily streamline SOC/IT workflows

Visualize – Enterprise-wide Visibility

–Instantly see your OT networks

–Quickly know your assets and their risks

Respond – Time-Saving Threat Summaries and Forensic Tools

–Rapidly respond to OT and IoT risks

–Optimize troubleshooting and forensic efforts

Scale – Unified Security for Thousands of Distributed Sites

–Attain high performance for multinational deployments

–Realize rapid time to value

OT and IoT Security and Visibility

Industrial Strength Cyber and Operational Visibility


You can protect a wide variety of mixed environments with rapid asset discovery, network visualization and accelerated security.

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You can tailor the Nozomi Networks solution to meet your needs by utilizing its flexible architecture, extensive range of appliances, and integrations with other systems.