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Information Security Awareness Training

Increase the awareness about Information security by educating trainees on how to identify threats & risks, to understand their personal responsibilities and to respond adequately and effectively to security incidents.

Why do we need Information Security Awareness Training?

The most comprehensive, well thought-out and well executed Information Security Policy can be defeated by a SINGLE end-user!!! End-users require critical access and privileges in order to perform their jobs and this access can be exploited by the end-users themselves or by malicious hackers. Therefore Information Security Awareness Training is a critical and core component of any Information Security Strategy. For organizations intending to achieve ISO 27001 certification or compliance with International Security Forum (ISF) SoGP, Information Security Awareness Program is a must! The ultimate goal of the Information Security Awareness Program is to encourage Security Positive behavior.

Role Based and Customized Training

Our Information Security Awareness Training is designed to adapt to the specific needs of the different types of employees within your organization. For example, your IT staff will have totally different requirements than your managers. We also recognize that your requirements may be unique (especially in terms of Policies awareness) and we are ready to customize our material to fit your needs.

Easy-to-follow Training

The field of information security is broad, complex and ever changing. However we have designed this program in a simple and easy-to-follow way keeping in mind end-users with non-technical backgrounds.

Standards-based Training

Our training program is designed to meet government and industry specific standards including ISO 27000, ISF, NIST 800-16 and PCI/DSS etc… Global expertise with local culture. We are actively engaged in IT Security training and Awareness Training in the Middle East since 1999. Our consultants have been practicing IT Security with customers based in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Live from the Trenches

Our instructors and course designers have real life and hands-on experience of the fight against cyber criminals and hacktivists. Thanks to our consulting engagements with multiple clients in different high security sectors (Military, Law enforcement, Critical Infrastructure, Oil & Gas and Nuclear), we are exposed to the latest development in terms of threats and agents.

Make it Personal!

We believe that the best way to encourage security-positive behavior among your staff is to make the awareness messages as much personal as possible. We like to engage the trainees during live and on-line training, to use story telling as one of our teaching technique and we show the staff how they can also apply at home what they learned during the training. We emphasis how they can make a difference in protecting your information.

On-line and On-demand

We develop SCORM compliant training for On-line and On-demand Awareness Session which can be deployed on your LMS or web site or CDROM.
We can develop customized content to match your requirements.