Global Security Network

SCADA MENA 2012 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

SCADA MENA 2012 - Abu Dhabi, UAE

From June 10-13, 2012, Global Security Network successfully exhibited the Fox DataDiode solution at SCADA MENA 2012 held at the Le Royal Meridien Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Although Secure “One-Way” Communication is a novel technology for industrial networks in the Middle East region, there was considerable interest from summit delegates in the Fox DataDiode solution which can be deployed to provide 100% security for industrial networks when connecting to external networks like Corporate or Vendor networks for the purpose of sharing SCADA network information in order to aid decision making.

The SCADA MENA Summit in Abu Dhabi was a great opportunity to learn from national and international case studies; and to hear about the most advanced implementation strategies and network solutions from the most senior SCADA experts in the Middle East.

Security for industrial networks was a key issue being discussed throughout the Summit with concepts of network zoning being strongly emphasized. As such the Fox DataDiode solution is a key security solution that provides 100% security between internal and external network zones.