Global Security Network

Secure Remote Access Solution

Secure Xchange Network is a hardware-enforced cross-domain gateway designed to allow controlled data exchanges (files and flows) between 2 networks.

The OT network needs to be highly secured, but… Lots of users on the IT network want access to OT to do their jobs!

A cyber-attack begins with a preliminary phase, which is all the more dangerous as it is most often invisible, undetectable and can last several months in this way. This is the phase during which cybercriminals collect, without your knowledge, information about your infrastructure: networks and systems (servers, PLCs, connected objects).
This preliminary phase is always present in targeted attacks (e. g. a state, a company, an installation). Unfortunately, victims only notice this after the fact because this phase is usually not detectable.

How Secure is the Solution

  • The remote users have a KVM experience as if they were physically in the plant in front of the OT asset.
  • Remote User’s computer has no access logically or physically whatsoever to the OT network thanks to Seclab
  • Impossible for Worms on the remote user’s computer to spread to the OT network.
  • Remote user cannot use USB or transfer files from or to his computer to the OT workstation.
  • No RDP connection outside OT network, only HTTPS
  • Seclab provides invisibility to the OT network assets (reconnaissance/ finger-printing physically impossible)
  • Seclab provides unbreakable security against low level attacks typically used by APT to get a foothold in OT.

SECLAB Connects two networks in a two-way, yet secure manner.

  • Destroying layers 1-4 of each packet from the IT Network, while leaving layers 5-7(application alone.)
  • Then recreates the layers 1-4 and inserts the packet on the OT Networks.